I miss you


Hi! About this super cutie dress & hair (free itens) I saw in nedeko blog this new shop called *noju*

bye bye sunday

pic.pic.cutie face

skin: group gift MJD*2SKIN-03 CANDY Gift :: OZ*H/P Friend ::

pic.pic.skin & outfit free

hair: W&Y free at Hair Fair
dress: lucky board Pinky*Gals

❤❤In Love ❤❤

PRONTA.heeeeeeein love quase

only youki Cioc (from XXyome shoujoXX) to make this animal sooooo adorable! Thanks youki!

PIC.PIC.PIC.cute heart

pants and dress: lucky chair MKK*Shop
brown hair: group gift [C&H]

Michael Jackson - Memoir


hair: Cri-Cri (thanks Cri-Cri!)
outfit: In memoir of MJ 1L? from :::MM:::



pose chair: group gift - *.:Mon amie-goer:.*
mad Lilly hair: group gift I love 13
capri jeans: G Field gift (subscribe)
boyfriend jeans: magi take group gift (tag)
latex boots:
STC gift (subscribe)
outfit (with skirt) Wasp: free #Versteck#

weekend,thanks God!

kitty boots1.2

The West World group sent, few days ago, 2 gifts: Kitty Boots, pic above and Stripey nt outfit (complete) next pic.


Bathtub and Toilet flower are creations from LadyInald Zenovka. Thanks Lady!




dresses: lucky board here
skin: Daphne Skin special group gift from Fishy Strawberry

laaazy =/


watermelon: copain group gift (200L join :()
hair: group gift [rQ] red queen
sneackers: gift Primary

yeah! silver is good!

PIC.silver rain

swimming suit09 summer: 2L K*S
boots: My Heart Belong To Daddy Hunt - gift from Lya here hurry!!!!!!

hi there!

pic.cutiessss pic

dress: 1L n*cotton
outfit: group gift A Piece of Candy (subscribe)


Attitudes summer 09 free

free: summer 2009 Attitudes Lingerie



This dress (mini pic) from Miu at Hair Fair, omg, I suffered to get it! The LAGNess Monster almost destroyed me lol
Bandaids (adesive plaster): lucky board +mocha+
shoes: my friend Agnes Winx talked to me about them, are prize from "My Heart Belongs to Daddy Hunt" and you get here
inside the box at truck
hairs: 1L Bake Sale
sweater Brokebeck pink: free at Chikka Design



pics 1 (group gift) & 2 (1L): Girls Style
pic 3: 1L? "NiNIKO"
pic 4 dress: Vain Inc. (group) gift from PinkIce
shoes: group gift Mother Goose's

I'm back!

PIC.RI itens done OK

hair: free Junwave
bag: Kick Me! Bag Pack lucky chair Tyranny Designs
Retro Belt -scripted-(280L) & necklace Collar Mandala -scripted-(20L) Rainbow Innovation


pic.nomine dress11

pic.'nomine dress''

skin: free Lelutka
white dress: lucky board/lucky chair? Nomine obrigada Super Kyra pelo tp :)

neko yah

pic.'jenov jm

neko kaburimono: Jenova's group gift
Tee: *12/4* We love starlust tee group gift The Starlust Motel
skirt: lucky toilet S$S
skin: Nora 1 lucky board (tag) JM:Mai

so cuuuutee!!

Cuuuuuute!!! Good Lucky! Ty Abra Exonar for Tp me!!! yay!


ethnic style

PIC.done indi'

white top: free Burt Laundry
skirt & acessories: lucky board

my pink girl

acessories: free Deviant Girls
Candice Top:
Mystery dollarbie *Ki2*




Picnic Outfit: 1L dress--> WhoNose 1L acessories --> WhoNose 1L shoes --> WhoNose
Raija Gold dress:
lucky board WhoNose


picPIC.fruits aaaa

caribean basket & leggings: Cream Shop (subscribe gift)
cutie vest top: Mimi Couture


PICPICindian done yeah

pic one: indian outfit free at idk
hair: group gift Marie's

PICPIC.headphones hehe

pic two: headphone: group gift Kru's Boutique
hair: 1L [kik]

PICPICcute necklace helooooooooooooo

pic 3: necklace: lucky board Yorim's Factory


pic 4: left: dress gift Hudson's Clothing & Co
right: group gift Sweeter Than Candy
hair: lucky board [kik]

Summer Day!

Blue dress: group gift (tag) Miroku
left dress: Miroku (tag)
skin: group gift Pink Fuel - Watermelon Kiss
mignonnette Hair: couverture gift

pic.miroku june


dots tunic: lucky board Tomoto / hat: lucky board W&Y
strawberry kiss & Dlizious Lip piercing: group gift Acid & Mala Creations
hair: Genevieve HairStyle (comes in 20 colors) group gift West World
skin: Haine Honey Pink Fuel

pic.pic graças



shirt (1L), sandals (1L each), ribbon boot (group gift 2), shadower (not free): Mother Goose's
cleaning outfit: free Blonde


Nan Albatros <--->blog tips <--->mother goose's itens :)

the storybook hunt

some little...

bag: Atomic Cherry


32 skin: *to heart*
dress: Pididdle


check the all participanting stores (slurl) ---> thestorybookhunt.blogspot.com

lucky board yay!

left: lucky board Encemble shoes: 1L? * Haysuriza *
right: jacket (free) skirt lucky board Hotch Potch

pik.pic.ok cuties junesunday



super cute itens at AvantMelon: dress (corner) midnight mania - red pants free /Watermelon Magical Tree lucky chair /skirt group gift (tag)
top: sunflower girl top free - Cute Fashion
Big Blow: 1L at Salsa


pink dress: AvantMelon Storybook Hunt Gift
Melon pose boxed (3 poses) not free

halloo cutie!!


outfit: 2L Girls Style / hat: 1L? Bombon / Bandana & bag: free *MW* /belt with suspenders (color change): lucky board MM's

home sweet home

*MW*Table chair set Stump

pic.home sweethome

*MW*Kitchenset: free

School swim

swim: lucky board (tag) *Edelweiss*

pic.swim edle


2 new release: bag and pants --> Rahz Store
tee: free Drowsy
skin: group gift Vive9 (Irie Campese blog tips, thanks!)

rahz e drowzy

What's Up?

left: shirt (Trump Mark shirt) 1L C'est La Vie / pants: free F2H Mainstore
right: free tee Reek (subscribe) / shoes: hoorenbook (0L) men
skin: AdrianaV2 Glance full perms Hand mirror for hunt

pic.1L and cutie
left: blue shitrt 1L C'est La Vie / Saloppete: group gift *COCO*
right: outfit lucky board Mauloa



right: anuenue gift (tag)
left: Paralell Love gift (tag)



left: open gift (1L) Encemble
right: group gift (tag) Encemble
necklace: yome shoujo

pik.pic.encemble cutie june

white friday

Salire Landar from Salire sent me this super cute white dress called 'cotton dress' YEAH! so beautifull, hun! \o/


hair: subscribe gift HK DollHouse


awesome dress 1L L'abel & Ivalde

pik.l'abel ivalde